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The Start of My Official Fashion Blog


Well this is the start my official Fashion Blog, “This Is How We Wear It”.  My daughter was originally the owner of Delina Marie Styles as a Personal Stylist, but God has given her a new direction.  My daughter has encouraged me to pursue fashion blogging.  Thank you baby girl for believing in me.  I am a wife for life, a mama and GlamMa to 7 G-babies.  I love my life!

I would like to also thank my Husband Hector for believing in me.  He is my ROCK!!  He inspires and encourages me daily to run after this passion of mine.  He loves that I have been an inspiration to others.

Ladies and Gents…….follow me on this journey as I do the walking for you and teach you the basics to look your best, making your shopping experience affordable.

Look forward to walking this journey with you.

Maria Guerrero This Is How We Wear It

Michael Kors Conner Patent Leather Loafer  

JOTD and MOTD Feature