About Me


Hello, my name is Maria Guerreo.

This is me in my element!  Passion for music, bassist at heart and a love for fashion!  I started blogging as a creative outlet on my personal time. Fashion has always been my passion. I love to encourage, inspire and empower others to be and look their best. No matter what budget whether high or low, you can always look your best.  I was inspired to start fashion blogging by my wonderful husband, my fashionable daughter Delina Marie, mentors and peers that admired my fashion sense and believed in my inspiration. They motivated me and I began to share with others my passion for fashion. The challenge has been great, but a success so far.

Congrats to the newest member to my team!  Hector Guerrero aka Partner for life!  He is my ROCK!!  He inspires and encourages me daily to run after this passion of mine.  He loves that I have been an inspiration to others.  He has his first sponsor and I am excited to share his fashion sense with you!  Stay tuned.  

Thanks to all my followers, bloggers and supporters. I am inspired to share my passion for fashion!

Ladies and Gents…….follow me on this journey as I do the walking for you and teach you the basics on how to look your best and making your shopping experience as easy as a click.

I look forward to walking this journey with you.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!


Hector Guerrero, Fashionista - This Is How We Wear It

Hector Guerrero, Fashionista - This Is How We Wear It